Be your best, Be yourself

Just some thoughts (I may add to this list as time goes on)…

  • I used to write like I thought I was supposed to write. Now I write what comes naturally to me. Writing stories doesn’t come naturally to me. Writing poetry does. Find what comes naturally to you.
  • I have to be myself and not worry about being as good as some other poet or some other writer. I’ve let that sort of thinking stop me and shut me down too many times in the past. Be your personal best, not someone else’s best. Be inspired by others, but be yourself.
  • If I practice my craft, I will find my voice. If I had to describe my voice as a writer right now, I would say it is thinky. How would you describe your voice as a writer?
  • More than anything else, it is my fear of messing up that has held me back. I am overcoming that fear. Now I let other people read my poems, sometimes even when the poems are still being revised. I put myself out there. I risk rejection. I also accept praise. Take a chance…you might be pleasantly surprised.

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