Flags & Snags

You wrote something!



So how do you know when it’s ready?


Have you revised it?

How many times?

Once, twice, a million?

Have you read it OUT LOUD?


When you read it, does your brain throw up a warning flag at the same spot every time?


If it does, that’s a spot that still needs some tweaking.

Sometimes the warning flag is big and obvious.

Other times, it’s small and subtle.


Either way…

your brain catches on it

like your sweater catches on a splinter—

You keep going,

but the splinter pulls you back and steals your focus for just a moment,

until you get loose.


Flags and snags mark the spots that need to be fixed.


Trust your instincts.

Silence the flags.

Patch the snags.


Does it feel ready?





When it’s ready

You’ll know



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