About Melinda Writes

We are learning, we are creative, we are both different and the same, and we are blessed.         


I’m a writer. Who isn’t, right? For some writers, the whole process seems to come very easily; for the rest of us, writing requires a lot of hard work and more than a little faith—faith that the hard work will ultimately pay off. Whether it’s a letter, a term paper, a novel, or even a blog post it can be a struggle for many of us to get our thoughts down in the way that we want to. If your goal, like mine, is to publish, not being able to write can be even more frustrating. You can’t publish it if you can’t write it!

I’m not an expert, but I feel like I’m finally winning the struggle and I’d like you to win too. I plan to post a blog once a month, sharing my thoughts and experiences on a variety of topics related to the joys and struggles of writing.  I won’t be addressing financial struggles. My focus will be in the direction of releasing the writer within.

I invite you to follow my blog and to share your comments and advice.

Please keep your comments and critiques polite.  Where you do not build, you tear down.

Thank you,

Melinda McIntosh



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